How to Send Messages in Private

There are many times when you want to have a chat in private, such as when you have something confidential to say or you simply don't want the world listening in. Hey, that's what social media's for! Imagine you have a personal butler, eager to run errands on your behalf. You want to send a... Leer más →


How To Protect Your Privacy On Linux

Don’t be complacent because you’re running Linux! It’s easy to have a false sense of security, thinking that other operating system might be more targeted than Linux, but there are plenty of risks and vulnerabilities for all types of Linux devices. Keep your guard up regardless of your OS. 2. Ensure you use a password... Leer más →

How To Protect Your Privacy On Android

You might also be interested in our privacy tips for iPhone. Follow these easy steps to protect the personal data on your Android devices, and don't forget that can include TVs and other dedicated devices as well as phones and tablets. Also note that the instructions below may differ slightly depending on your version of Android.... Leer más →

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