How To Encrypt Your Devices

When data is encrypted, it turns into a seemingly random collection of characters, unless of course you have the decryption key! The ability to encrypt all the data on a device is now usually built-in to its operating system, meaning there is no good excuse not to protect your privacy in this manner. Follow the... Leer más →


How To Protect Your Privacy On Android

You might also be interested in our privacy tips for iPhone. Follow these easy steps to protect the personal data on your Android devices, and don't forget that can include TVs and other dedicated devices as well as phones and tablets. Also note that the instructions below may differ slightly depending on your version of Android.... Leer más →

How to Choose a Good VPN

Websites you visit, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), or anyone connected to your network, can see your browsing activity through your computer's virtual ID (IP address). So-called "incognito mode" doesn't protect you from this snooping — that mode actually doesn't keep anything private outside of your physical computer! A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can offer you a degree... Leer más →

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